Representatives of the FIU participated at the MONEYVAL 54th Plenary meeting in Strasbourg

During September 25-28, the Moldovan delegation, consisting of the representatives of the FIU Moldova, National Bank of Moldova, the National Financial Market Commission and the Prosecutor's Office of Chisinau, attended the 54th Plenary Session of the Committee MONEYVAL of the Council of Europe, which took place in Strasbourg, French Republic.

The official MONEYVAL Plenary 54 was opened by MONEYVAL President Daniel Thelesklaf, who announced that MONEYVAL had been altered by including a new vice-president function.

The MONEYVAL Secretariat noted that it was satisfied with the high level mission (step II) in May 2017 in Montenegro, requesting reporting on progress in April 2018 and failing to apply step III (Publication of an Official Statement on the Official Website MONEYVAL web site that publicly recognizes that the state has major issues in implementing FATF recommendations and invites other states to take measures close to these risks).

There were two resonance typologies identified by FIU Israel and Russia for the legalization of illicit proceeds from diamond trading and the legalization of public funds obtained through deception, which won the first place at the competition organized by the Egmont Group in 2016 and 2017.

Under the "Tour de Table" procedure, Moldova has exposed Plenary's latest progress in preventing and combating money laundering on the normative, institutional and final results achieved.

Thus, it was reiterated about the adoption of the draft AML/CFT Law, the elaboration of the concept of the Monitoring and Risk Analysis Center for Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, etc. The typology of legalizing the funds obtained from "social engineering fraud, CEO fraud" was also presented.

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