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Participation of the OPFML Representatives at the MONEYVAL Plenary Meeting

Between 3-7 December 2018, the representatives of the OPFML, the National Bank of Moldova and the General Prosecutor's Office attended the 57th plenary meeting of the Committee of Experts on Measures against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (MONEYVAL) in Strasbourg, French Republic.
At the meeting, the MONEYVAL Committee finalized the assessments of the anti-money laundering and terrorism financing system in the Czech Republic and Lithuania, adopted the FATF-MONEYVAL Joint Assessment of Israel and adopted the progress reports of the following countries: Andorra, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and the "former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia".
The Committee Secretariat also analyzed the national legislation adopted in order to implement Law no. 180 of 26.07.2018 on Voluntary Declaration and Tax Incentive under the Voluntary Tax Compliance Procedure set out by the FATF and adopted by the MONEYVAL Committee.
During the plenary session of the Committee, topics of common interest were discussed, such as: recent amendments to the FATF standards on cryptobucket regulation; the presentation of the investigation by the State Agency for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine, which received the Best Case Egmont Award 2018, strategies to combat terrorism financing, the review of the sector of professional participants in the non-banking financial market (oversight and implementation of preventive measures) in the new round of evaluations and other topics according to the event's agenda.


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