International Conference on „Transparency of Beneficial Ownership”

During 30-31 October 2018, representatives of the Office for Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering and the Public Services Agency participated at the International Conference on „Transparency of Beneficial Ownership” in Tirana, Albania.

The event was attended by representatives of the financial intelligence units, state registration authorities from different countries and other international experts in the field who presented best practices, international standards, legal aspects, methods to verify, registry, record and update the data regarding the beneficial owners of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs at their registration, at registration of modifications in incorporation documents of legal persons, at state registration of persons subject to reorganization and their removal from State register.

To be mentioned that during the conference was discussed the topic related to the mandatory presentation of the information regarding the beneficial owner and the problems that appear in different jurisdictions within this process. As well, it was reviewed the creation and maintenance of the information in the beneficial owner register and the issue of accessing the information by the interested parties.

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