EU TWINNING Project - Press Release April 2019

Three missions of experts took place in April 2019 in Moldova, as part of the EU Twinning Project “Enhancing the System of Prevention and Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing in the Republic of Moldova”.

The First Mission of experts from Poland took place between 8-12 April and it was part of Component 4 – Development of AML national supervision mechanisms for banking, non-banking sectors and non-financial businesses and professions. The team was represented by short-term experts from the Polish FIU. The aim of the mission was to analyze and review the draft law on the application of sanctions for violation of AML/CFT provisions by reporting entities and to provide proposals, comments and remarks in order to improve this legal document, especially in the part related with the supervision attributions of OPMFL, on how the on-site and off-site inspections shall be performed and the manner of information exchange between the supervision authorities which are empowered with sanctioning powers. 

The Second Mission under Component 5 (Development of the investigation capacities of law enforcement agencies regarding ML/FT cases), took place between 8–12 April and was represented by experts from the Financial Crime Investigation Service under the Ministry of the Interior (LT). The objective of the mission was to carry out the assessment of current investigative, analytical methods and techniques used to investigate criminal cases on money laundering/terrorism financing. As a result, recommendations will be provided for improving the investigations of ML/FT cases.

The Third Mission took place between 15–19 April and was represented by judges from the Supreme Court of Justice of Lithuania, one prosecutor from General Prosecutor’s Office (LT) and a representative from Financial Crime Investigation Service (LT). The mission was part of Component 6 – Improvement of the AML/CFT field in the justice system. The aim of the mission was to finalize the State-of-the-art report and to coordinate with counterparts the recommendations for improvement of judicial legislation.

The 2nd Steering Committee Meeting took place on 16 April in the premises of the Office for Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering.

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